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13 years ago
I got a new idea how to improve this feature. What if we add an additional database table to map the IP addresses to the appropriate locations and then simply use LEFT JOIN to show data from this table if nothing else is defined? Here is an example to understand this idea.

We have many similar connections from some IP address. We search for a location, find it and add to this table using some interface inside the "Who is online" block. After it's done every time when the forum shows the connections it will retrieve the data and show it on the table. So the connections will never be blank anymore. All we need is to add these locations manually if we need that.

I see many connections from Google, Amazon, Yahoo and other systems. I'd prefer to see some info about these connections, but I don't want to simply ignore./hide them from the list.


One more idea that I'm personally missing. Since we add these connections to the top of the list we get many duplicates created by bots. But we can easily group all these connections by IP address if we want to, It's simply not added to this data grid. If we grouped these connections by IP/Location/BoardLocation then it's easy to show the number of connections from each IP address. It's pretty much doable and it will make the whole list more readable and significantly shorter.

On the other hand, if we don't group connections, but present them by the time of connection, then why don't we show when exactly this connection was established - date-time info? That's more than enough for the quick analysis and I'm sure many people would like this idea.