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13 years ago
Pretty desperate for help here, actually extremely desperate!

I've just installed YAF to a subdirectory of my main asp.net website. I had quite a bit of trouble with it, particularly with merging the web.config files and the mixed vb/c# languages, but I seem to have got past all that.

The situation I have now is that nobody, not even the admin user, can login. At the login challenge they are told if an incorrect username/password has been entered, but if the correct username/password is entered then they are just taken back to default.aspx with the login link still active and the forums completely locked.

I should point out that password reminders do work, ie I can retrieve passwords via email.

Any thoughts?

Is there a way to purchase a support ticket for priority support here?

13 years ago
I have the same problem after upgrading from 1.91 to 1.94. All went well, but no one can log in.

Thanks in advance, Daniel

  • quimeras
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13 years ago
I had this problem. I solved it by changing the "compatibility level" of my data base from "SQL Server 2000 (80)" to "SQL Server 2005 (90)".

In "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio" select your database, righ click and select Properties, then click on Options and then change the Compatibility Level.

Hope this helps.