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14 years ago
Here is the setup.

I have a website that has users and a login page.

I have also created the same users in yaf.

When logging into main website I want to also be logged into yaf.

My plan was to call login page and pass an XML doc or query string.

That worked fine other than whatever happens in the form login click behind the scences is what really logs them in.

My current solution is to add a iframe to my login page with the iframe bringing up yaf login page and logging them in.

Please tell me there is a better way to do this

Also register is encrypting passwords is there a option to turn that off?

14 years ago
Hi Whitecow,

Is your other website also a .NET website?

Regarding the passwords, it's generally a security "no-no" to store any passwords in plain text. It puts the privacy and security of your users at risk and leaves with quite a bit of liability. That being said, I don't believe there is way to turn this off. You DO however have the ability to reset user passwords (if that was your intent). I'm guessing your idea was to copy passwords from one site into YAF???

Ideally, you would want to merge your membership provider with YAF. Then you can use a standard .NET login control and put it anywhere you want.


  • Dunka
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13 years ago
I would like to expand on this if possible, I have a somewhat similar situation that I'm working on.

I plan on using YAF on my site as the login and the encrypted login/pw database for my users. However, one thing I would like to do is extract the username from the database, either Name or Display from the User table, for use through other non-forum pages. I see the login cookies created when a user logs in, but I don't see any way to refer back to the databse to get the username out.

Any idea if this can be done?

Thank you