YAF Customizing - Questions related to Customizing YAF. Please read the "YAF Support on Custom Development Questions" topic.
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Last Post by: Irina   2014-10-19T20:14:04Z

 New PostsMy test

 Gofer01  2014-04-15T13:25:30Z

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Last Post by: bombbug   2014-10-18T11:17:48Z

 New PostsUsing YAF avatar elsewhere in the wesbite
Yes, I may be crazy ...

 eutychus  2014-09-25T19:24:22Z

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Last Post by: eutychus   2014-10-05T13:00:40Z

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Last Post by: eutychus   2014-09-16T21:38:50Z

 New PostsSite integration - cookie setting for login Auth
Weird one, works for super admin user, but not any other user

 ransems  2014-09-02T13:45:49Z

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Last Post by: ransems   2014-09-02T14:21:58Z

 New PostsExtracting my forums as a report.

 marinette3  2014-07-26T02:32:25Z

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Last Post by: marinette3   2014-07-26T02:32:25Z

 New PostsCustomize smtp by board

 cprevot  2014-07-06T07:34:40Z

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Last Post by: cprevot   2014-07-06T07:34:40Z

 New PostsCreate account from existing in another system
Create account from existing in another system

 sams-boy  2014-05-23T22:29:54Z

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Last Post by: sams-boy   2014-05-23T22:29:54Z

 New PostsTestando topico

 mckay  2014-05-13T15:28:25Z

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Last Post by: mckay   2014-05-13T15:34:01Z

 New Postsinsert facebook or twitter authentication and "i like" button
in YAF version 1.9.4

 nicodrift  2014-02-26T12:32:25Z

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Last Post by: doxa123   2014-04-24T10:20:10Z

 New PostsYaf links to point to a sitecore item url
Changing the YAF links to pint to a sitecore.

 vo@targit.com  2014-03-24T12:08:22Z

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Last Post by: vo@targit.com   2014-03-24T12:08:22Z

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Last Post by: nicodrift   2014-03-21T20:56:48Z

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Last Post by: nicodrift   2014-03-20T17:02:09Z

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Last Post by: nicodrift   2014-03-19T17:49:09Z

 New PostsBoard - Roles and Moderator

 nicodrift  2014-02-19T20:47:04Z

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Last Post by: nicodrift   2014-02-26T19:43:28Z
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