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AspNet-Version 2.0.50727
YAF version:YAF-v1.9.3-FINAL

I have wrote some code to automatically send a private message via URL such as:

After figuring out what this does by hand I recreated the Post and the Request headers as described below. The response is suppose to send back a Location header which is http://localhost/DNN_490_Test/desktopmodules/yetanotherforumdotnet/Default.aspx?g=cp_pm&v=out
instead this always responds back and takes me to the Private Message compose page (e.g., g=pmessage&u=13).

Any ideas? Thanks

__VIEWSTATE=/wEPDwUKL ...<shortened for brevity>

Request Headers:
(0) "Content-Type" String: "multipart/form-data"
(1) "Referer" String:
(2) "Host" String: localhost
(3) "Cookie" String: various cookies that are needed including .ASPXANONYMOUS, etc.
(4) "Content-Length" String
(6) "Connection" String: Keep-Alive

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Not a problem with YAF: moved to integration.
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I was way off base on the approach and see that I basically need it to go through the path of pmessage.ascx.cs.Save_Click in order to work.
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You're still pretty off... but getting closer. Don't ask for more help from me, though. You need to figure out how to do it yourself... that's what coding is about.
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