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I had posted a Bad-Word-List a while back:


but I am now finding out that feature might be too sensitive because its replacing pieces of a word.

eg. assure will be censored as follows: [censored]ure

Really the Bad-Word censorship should only occur on entire words.

Anyway to change this?
YAF bad word filterig supports Reqular Expressions (REGEX),So if you are familiar with them you can easily setup a pattern to filter bad words.for example if you want to filter the word "CRAZY" but not "CRAZYTALK" you can use :


in the bad word list so that it replace only "CRAZY" and not CRAZYTALK with something like [cencored]TALK.
Take a look at MSDN for regular expressions to find out more.
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Thanks for that. That will help tremendously. For the most part, the filter and the word list at the top of this thread works fine but for some reason, it seems to be censoring "wo" out of work or would and I can't find anything in the list of words refering to why it would do this. Do you have any idea why it is behaving like this? Thanks for any help.
I'm trying to change this www.s o l i d w o o d k i t c h e n .co.uk to www.SPAM.co.uk , but it's not working.

\ss o l i d w o o d k i t c h e n\s <-- what I thought should work, but it doesn't.

There are two spaces between each letter. When I would copy/paste, for whatever reason, it would eliminate one of the spaces.

I really hate these kitchen spammers. It wastes a lot of my time every single damn morning.
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www.s o l i d w o o d k i t c h e n .co.uk

\bs o l i d w o o d k i t c h e n\b\s


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These kitchen spammers and other "signature link" spammers are indeed a PITA...

But thanks to my alert moderators & IP banning, the kitchen spammers seem to have given up in my forum...
Have not had any "Ugg boots" since a while either...

My biggest problem now are guys from India who seem to register manually and not thru the usual bots...

If we only could get the IP of users recorded at registration time - would help a lot regarding the eternal spam fight... 😉

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