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Hi there,

I just installed YEF on my server. I followed all the steps written in
here (S(pzvu1u55eaogzkiblf3edxvo))/Default.aspx?Page=1.9.3%20Integration%20with%20existing%20site&Code=1&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

My question. How YEF is going to use my existing user and roles in aspnet membership tabales.

Your help will be appritiated.

I also have an interest in this topic.

I have an existing ASP.NET site that uses the membership provider. The site has been up for a few months.

I allowed the passwords for the existing users to be stored encrypted, so I do not know the existing passwords in order to allow YAF to work with my site with Forms Authentication.

I was considering creating new passwords for each user, inserting a row in the YAF database by calling the code as shown in the integration document. But this probably will not work and cause the users to get logged out of the main site.

1. How to integrate YAF to an existing site when that site has members that created accounts using Forms Auth and the passwords were stored encrypted.
2. See #1 :lol:

Thank you,
Follow up regarding User logging into the main site, then the main site logs the user into YAF per the integration document. I am going to proceed with using a cookie created from the main site and have YAF read that cookie to log the user in. That cookie will contain the user id and password encrypted and YAF (using a DLL I wrote) will decrypt the contents and log the user in.

I do not see another way since the user names will match between the sites, but the passwords will not for existing users. If I did not have a user base already the integration document would have worked, but since I have logged in user and I do not store the passwords in a way that I can decrypt and read the passwords to obtain what was written to create new accounts in YAF with passwords that match.

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