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Hi There,

I have tried moving the forum files into it's own directory but I am failing to get it to work.
My original setup was to have the forum in a root directory called "TestForum". It works fine. I have now moved it to "TestForum/yaf" now it does not work. I have looked at the documentation but it is a bit hard to follow.
It mentions something about <root>/yaf</root> but I get errors when I add this to web.config. Does anyone have a web.config I can see for me to addapt to what I need or a more friendly documentation to follow.

Your help is appreciated.

Best Regards,

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add this in yafnet.config file, don't remember exactly as i am using other computer. try this one. and what error you are getting. do let me know

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From instal.txt


If isn't installed at the root of your web
server, make sure the files in the bin directory of the zip file
is copied to /bin on your web server. Also you'll need to add the
<root> element to the yafnet.config to point to the correct URL.
Example: If you have install the forum in the directory "/forum/yaf/"
you will need to add <root>/forum/yaf/</root> to web.config.


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Hi Mek,
Thanks for the reply.
That worked. I was putting <root>~/yaf</root> until I noticed in your post <root>/forum/yaf/</root> which actualy includes the root folder also.
I put <root>/testforum/yaf/</root> into yafnet.config and all is working well. Did not know where to put it in web.config!

Thanks for the help.

Best Regards,

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