Ordinary Nimda
This maybe looks like a config BUG: I use the YAF Module, however the CookieConsent popup appears on the bottom. This should NOT happen, as it is supposed to be taken care of in the main DNN app (which has its own consent). I temporarily disabled the popup, by deleting the contents of the file: CookieConsent.ascx in /DesktopModules/YetAnotherForumDotNet folder.

So, this is either a bug, as it is supposed to be only available in the YAF Standalone version, or I did not find the setting for it.

OK, I found this under GDPR in this forum, disabling the line .cookiealert.show{...} in content/forum-min.css, is suggested.
This issue can be closed as far as I am concerned.
Yes you are right that doesn't need to be shown under dnn. This will be hidden in the next update. You can disable it in the host settings!

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