Can somebody help me with creating a query that is grouping number of Thanks by email. I would like to reward the most thanked users so I need to generate a list.


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Here's what I use to get the most X thanks by userID for the last 7 days. Just remove the where clause and well whatever ya want. This should help you get going.

DECLARE @Topper INT = @Top
   SELECT TOP (@Topper) yaf_User.UserID, yaf_User.Name, COUNT(ThanksToUserID) as Total
   FROM yaf_Thanks 
   INNER JOIN yaf_User 
   ON yaf_Thanks.ThanksToUserID = yaf_User.UserID 
   INNER JOIN yaf_Message
   ON yaf_Message.MessageID = yaf_Thanks.MessageID
   INNER JOIN yaf_Topic
   ON yaf_Topic.TopicID = yaf_Message.TopicID
   WHERE yaf_Thanks.ThanksDate > DATEADD(DAY, -7, GETDATE()) 
   GROUP BY yaf_Thanks.ThanksToUserID, yaf_User.Name, yaf_user.UserID
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