Hi guys. Please, tell me how to send a query to a header or a separate page from a new table? Type SELECT count(*) FROM NEW_TABLE WHERE Statistic = "1"
No one knows?)
What am I doing wrong? Posted in YAF.Data.MsSql model ADO.NET EDM -> Code First from the database. Specified connection yafnet(YAF). Created a file with the function Functions.cs in which he indicated:

using System;
using System.Linq;
using System.Net.Sockets;
using YAF.Data.MsSql;

namespace YAF
public static class Functions
public static string AccountsCount
using (CustomBase entity = new CustomBase())
int accountsCount = entity.ACCOUNTS_INFO.Count();
return accountsCount.ToString();

Then for the test indicated in the forum.ascx following:
<td><%# Functions.AccountsCount %></td>

After starting the application, I get: Screenshot_2.png

Guys. Very much I ask, prompt where was mistaken. I am just learning...

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