Katherine Moss
Hi all,
I had this idea when I saw it on IP.Board message boards. One site in particular demonstrates exactly what I'm referring to; autoposting topics to Twitter; when a poster posts on the forum, there is a little checkbox that asks to share the post to Twitter. I use it ... and I post all of my posts to Twitter. See bleepingcomputer.com for an example. It would be cool if YAF could also have this feature; IP.Board is written in PHP, though, so I'd be unsure which library it uses for its integration. Considering it's already integrated with Twitter for auth, why not add one more enhancement?
Every Topic has the Share option (if enabled) that a topic can be shared to Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

https://ifttt.com/  that grabs the RSS Feed and pushes them for you.

I've used that in the past and sometimes when SPAM gets through, it's kind of annoying because you have to delete the Tweet as well.
Katherine Moss
I think I've fallen a bit behind ... though I've got intentions to fix that. You'll see a community forum up here soon with all features enabled.
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