I have carried out some steps as follows:

1.Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps 
2.Click on "Add New App", As Platform Select Website. Enter the "App Display Name" (For Example: Your Website Name) and Press "Create New Facebook App ID". After my app is created modify the Basic Settings add the App Domain Your Website URL (for example mydomain.com)
In the Section "Select how your app integrates with Facebook" select "Log in to my website using Facebook" and enter your Forum URL in the Field "Site URL"

3.On that Page you also find the app id and app secret which are needed for YAF.NET.
The App ID/App Secret needs to be entered in the app.config in your Forum
<add key="YAF.FacebookAPIKey" value="XXXX" />
<add key="YAF.FacebookSecretKey" value="XXXX" />

When everything has been setup, I am unable to share post when I click button "facebook" in the post. Please help me ! Thanks!!!

Best Regards,


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