After upgrading YAF to latest version of my DNN website (7.1.1) suddenly my forum stopped working. Now all forum links point to (localhost). Example:

In main web.config I checked and I see that
<add key="YAF.BaseUrlMask" value="" />

What else can I check?

Edit: Attempted to upgrade another site, same problem.
Attempted to change YAF.BaseURLMask and it is clearly ignored. I tried to just change to value \, same behavior.
Is there anywhere I can force my site address, as it appears that DNN YAF module is ignoring web.config
The base url setting is no longer used in the appsettings it has been moved to the board settings of the forum. But that settings is only used for the email digest.

What you need to check in your case is the url (Portal Alias) for your portal. In DNN 7 it is under Host -> Site Management
Thank you - I had manually in the SQL Table change primary alias flag and after that everything worked OK.

Thank you very much for your help!

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