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Both Firefox and IIS SEO Toolkit find the same bug:

<td id="forum_ctl03_MessageList_ctl01_DisplayPostAlt_NameCell" width="140" class="postUser" colspan="2">
<a id="post1234" /><strong>
<img id="forum_ctl03_MessageList_ctl01_DisplayPostAlt_OnlineStatusImage" src="/forum/Themes/GreyGrey/icon_useroffline.png" alt="Offline" style="vertical-align: bottom" title="User is Offline" />

<a href="/forum/yaf_profile2_admin.aspx" title="View profile" rel="nofollow" id="forum_ctl03_MessageList_ctl01_DisplayPostAlt_UserProfileLink" style=" color: red" onclick="yaf_popit('forum_ctl03_MessageList_ctl01_DisplayPostAlt_PopMenu1')" onmouseover="yaf_mouseover('forum_ctl03_MessageList_ctl01_DisplayPostAlt_PopMenu1')" class="UserPopMenuLink">admin</a>


As you see from the above the <a id="post1234" /> is open then there is <a href="/forum/yaf_profile2_admin.aspx"... is opened again. The URL is from LOGGED IN AS: [USERNAME HERE] link.
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