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I am looking to setup a membership forum which requires monthly payment, can anyone direct me to any information relating to doing this?

Thanks in advance.

The payment module would have to be written separately, as YAF does not have that feature currently.

But it would be simple -- use a form on registration and a login check event.

On registration, form sends them to payment processor - when processor sends back signal of valid payment, your local script 'registers and approves' the user to YAF (see the c# sample application for working with YAF structures outside of YAF)

Also can setup a check event on user visits to see if they're due for a payment, and then it can 'lower their YAF access until payment' or whatever your preferred method would be.

The more I think about it - the easier way might be to copy YAF's membership provider code, and make some modifications to the provider. That is the 'keymaster' to YAF users -- if you worked with it - the membership provider could handle the 'signalling' to your code on whether payments have been made or are needed. By duplicating the provider and re-naming it, you could be ok for Upgrades to YAF and then just update your own provider if needed...

I can't go much further than that - but I do have scripts that work with Chase PaymenTech as a payment processor and PayPal (they are ClassicASP but the concept remains and they're not hard to convert. Those, coupled with the above 'thoughts' implemented in code would work. If you need the custom development, there might be some members here experienced in YAF 'outside the box' that you could hire for your project. Please see the YAF Jobs section if you wish to move down that path.

Sorry my response couldn't cover more actual detail as how to do this. I'm still breaking into .NET after being a 10+ year ClassicASP developer.
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Hi Squirrel,

Thanks for getting back to me, your thoughts/ideas are massivly appreciated and it has given me lots to consider.

I might check the jobs board or have a go myself, but getting my head around YAF is enough at the moment...

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