I've been trying to create a new theme and one obstacle I noticed was IE doesn't seem to like gradient too well and I had to create graphics for this.

I didn't see in any of the CSS files that come with YAF an alliterative but I came across this and it appears to work.

    filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr='#005101', endColorstr='#004302');

I think IE has to be comparability mode for it to view properly.
I have some REALLY cool stuff for IE from versions 7 and up to support 90% of CSS3 I use it in most of my development - look into this:  -- Since I found it, managing layouts for the sites I do is nothing like it used to be... I've got a sample CSS page with how it's being used on some of my sites if you're interested.

If you can't find it using the forum search, try my signature link -- searches this site using Google: Google is my Friend 

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