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Originally Posted by: midwestSS

rgr.. got that in there.. im trying to test if its registering the facebook users
facebook.com/silveradoss.net is the fb page i used or the id
the forum is silveradoss.net if you wanna like, and see?

You can see this Post http://forum.yetanotherf...acebook-integration.aspx 
already had this discussion.
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Please, don't forget update URLRewriting.config while you're upgrading from an older version, if you use url rewriting as rules were changed a bit and you will be gettin incorrect links. You can check by feeds links. They should be terminated by .xml

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Hello! I have seen that many people have upgraded successfully from 1.95 > 1.96 RC1 with the DNN version.

Has anybody upgraded from 1.95 > 1.96 RC1 NOT using the DNN version? If so, what do you feel the main new advantages are? I guess what I'm saying is that 1.95 is working -- is it a deal where "if it's not broke, don't fix it"? Or are there advantages of running YAF 1.96 RC1 that are worth the risk or upgrading?
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