If we attach an image it appears (using the nice script) in the middle of the window and the main window gets shadowed. But that's about attachments. Is it possible to use the same feature if we embed the same image inside the post? For example when I use this code:

Tonto Natural Bridge


[size=6]🅱Tonto Natural Bridge[/b][/size]

The image appears in a new browser window. But I'd be happy to show it using the same script that the forum uses when it opens the same image as attachment!

Is that possible?

Also if I understand correctly I can use most of HTML tags using [] instead of <>. If that true? So in theory I can create a table inside my post, can't I?
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I added a new BBCode to YAF called "modalurl"

÷ñÒ1209843454êÖ0õæ÷🅱Tonto   Natural   Bridge[/b]÷ñÒ1209843454êÖ1õæ÷

This will display the Image or/and any Linked Content Inside the Modal Ceebox Dialog.
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