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How exactly Default.aspx file works? When I tried to use the forum on my web site inside iFrame pointing it to subfolder (Virtual Directory) with the forum Default.aspx file, it first worked, the forum appeared, but then the forum started opening its own pages and the main site was totally ignored, I lost it, the forum app started acting as a separate application using its own pages.

Is it possible to add a special optional switch to the app to keep it inside iFrame so that it will know if this is an external link it should open it in a separate browser window, but if this is an internal page (same domain, or same relative path) it should keep working inside the same iFrame?

I can explain why. The forum is extremely powerful and I would not like to recompile it for my version of .NET. It was installed (the latest RC version) for .NET 4.0 and works just fine, but when I want to use it as a control on my page written in .NET 4.0, it complaints that it can't find control, or the version of .NET using by control is different, etc. I tried to add the source codes to my solution to recompile, but 1 - I got problems with assembly registrations, because I'm using Win7-64 pro, and there are folder permission related bugs, the assembly can't be signed whatever I do, and 2 - when I want to install a newer version of the forum I will need to grab the latest source codes, merge them to the current application, etc. I would like to avoid that since ideally the project is to be assembled by the people who wrote it and know all the details.

Maybe I'm wrong and it's better to do this way addign the source codes to my own solution, recompiling every time when I rebuild the project, etc...

Could anybody give me an advice how to do that easier? Is it possible to keep the forum solution compiled and add a reference to the assembly/dll so that I will be able to use the forum as a control on my page? What version of .NET was used to compile the latest version of the forum? It's very strange that it works great when I set the Virtual Directory for using .NET 4.0 and it works, but the same binary files don't work when I try to add the forum as a control to my own solution.
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