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I updated a few minutes ago. Yaf is wonderfull 🙂 You should upgrade immediately!
Running YAF.NET v2.0 Final at: 
.net 4.5.1 & MVC 5 Razor Support Hosting: 
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Hi there! I am looking for some help and I tought may be you could help me!
I wonder about YAF and tryed to install I finally install but I have some problems about mail sending.

My mail.config file is like that

<smtp deliveryMethod="Network" from="">
<network host="" password="******" port="587" userName="" />

I saw at the forums exactly same thing I don't know what to do.

in app.config

<add key="YAF.UseSMTPSSL" value="false" /> //value is "false" but I tried with "true" also

The error says

Not enough permission for 'port' configuration settings (directory\mail.config line 3)

I look everywhere but I couldn't found.

Please I need help!

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