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Greetings everyone...

I have this problem with my header.cs file w/c normally i retrieve from the YAF.Controls src folder when i download the file. What i did after retrieving it was to paste it inside my forum/controls solution - i don't know if what i did was right.:roll:

All i want to accomplish is to totally remove the Register link in my header page. I've tried to comment this part in my header.cs file and it looks like this..

          //if (!this.PageContext.BoardSettings.DisableRegistrations)
          //  buildHeader.AppendFormat(
          //    String.Format(
          //      " | <a href=\"{0}\">{1}</a>", 
          //      this.PageContext.BoardSettings.ShowRulesForRegistration
          //        ? YafBuildLink.GetLink(ForumPages.rules)
          //        : (!this.PageContext.BoardSettings.UseSSLToRegister ? YafBuildLink.GetLink(ForumPages.register) : YafBuildLink.GetLink(ForumPages.register).Replace("http:", "https:")), 
          //      this.PageContext.Localization.GetText("TOOLBAR", "REGISTER")));

But suddenly nothing seems to work out.. I'm just a newbie so i hope anyone could help me accomplish this thing.. Thank you and Have a nice day..

No need to do that.Go o admin section and mark "Disable New Registrations:" checkbox under host settings.
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Thanks herman_herman :-d

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