Hallo There,

my Users cames to me, cause they getting no Mails after a new Topic was created,
so i have looked into the Logs of our Mailserver and i have seen Mails was sendet,
but not to all Users that have Take Abonnemt of Forum

So I have looked into the Database and i have seen yes there is an Abonnement for this User ([yaf].[dbo].[yaf_WatchForum])
After that i looked into the Mail History ([yaf].[dbo].[yaf_Mail_Hist]) and no Mail to this User was sendet

From 86 Abonnements only 11 Mails where sendet, there is nothing in my Eventog for that Day

Please Can someone help me to get this solved


Which yaf version?
Hi tha_watcha,

YAF Version:

By your question i have seen there is a new one, will that update fix this Problem?

Yesterday after my Post i have checked User Settings and they are correctly

And i have created a Development System to take research of this Problem

I have found that point,

The Stored Proc [yaf_mail_createwatch]
send only Mails when LastMail is before LastVisit
my boss has changed this for 18months and not documented, so i have updated the Forum and his change was overriden

So this Problemshould solved and not a bug, but the dokumentation of YAF could be better


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