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Now, some item like: thanks, quote, .... will show when we move mouse to any post. When we leave mouse out of this post it will hide.

I found this code by firebug:

<td class="postPosted" width="80%" colspan="2">
<div class="rightItem postedRight" style="display: none;">

When we move mouse to any post. It will change to
<div class="rightItem postedRight" style="display: block;">

I need "display: block;" all time. How can i do this? Sorry for my bad english, many thanks!

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I guess you are using the cleanslate theme?! To remove the effect you need to modify the cleanslate.js file in the folder ../themes/cleanslate/ open the file in an editor and remove the entire content.
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Ok, thanks you very much

I found it in cleanstate.js and modified it successfully.

$('.yafnet').find('.postPosted .postedRight, .postInfoBottom .displayPostFooter').hide();

Thank you again.

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