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Hi There!!

After trialing many different forum solutions I choose this because all the demo and example sites I have visited seem snappy and quick.

It also helps this one is written in C# so writing extensions ect.. will be nice and easy for me.

The forum itself will be Kode Central. A place for programmers and computer enthusiasts. A place for sharing guides, asking/answering questions (Similar to stackoverflow) and general discussions.

The site will differ from stackoverflow in the sense it will be more of a community, allowing opinion based questions/answers.

Also looking to accommodate hardware enthusiasts too.

I know there are already a bunch of forums like the one I'm describing but I haven't really enjoyed my time on any, so I decided to try my hand at doing a better job!

Thank you for this excellent open source alternative to the usual PHP stuff!!

Alec :)

-EDIT - I'll be updating this thread with the sites progress
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any news ? 🙂
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