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I am new to yaf, what is the best way to create a custom page in yaf?

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There are a few tips you need to know. It depends on what type of page and where you want to add it, but YAF .ASCX pages inherit from ForumPage or ForumPageRegistered (the latter for pages within a user profile typically.)

So when creating a page, inherit from one of those. Example:

namespace YAF.Pages
    // YAF.Pages
    #region Using


    /// <summary>
    /// Summary description for customPage.
    /// </summary>
    public partial class customPage : ForumPage

Second, add the page to YAF.Types.Constants.ForumPages, like so

namespace YAF.Types.Constants
  /// <summary>
  /// List of all pages available in the YAF forum
  /// </summary>
  public enum ForumPages

Then you can link to the page like this:

string.Format("<a href={0}>{1}</a>", YafBuildLink.GetLink(ForumPages.customPage), "My Custom Page");



There could be a far simpler way that one of the YAF Gurus knows that I don't. :)

Hope that helps,
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Dave, Thanks a million, that was great help. I am little surprise that their isn't much documentation on the topic.

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Thanks,i solved that issue .
your comments are very useful.
Thanks alot Smile
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thanks works perfectly
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