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i just came across this strange behavior in 1.9.5 RW

1. user XXXX logs on to the forum and views a forum page
2. admin deletes user XXXX
3. database shows that user XXXX is no longer existent
4. user XXXX clicks on a forum link within the forum page which was previously opened
5. user XXXX is created again in the database with same access rights and data
6. user XXXX can navigate the forum as before but with a new userID

this is very weired. i don't think that this is made by intention - as long as a user still has the authenication cookie would mean you cannot get rid of him ...

Fixed in SVN Rev. #4165
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BTW, when a user is deleted all posts he made previously are shown under the Guest account. however within the DB the username of the deleted user is stored in column "username" / tahle message and topic. wouldn't it make sense to show the username of the deleted user instead of just guest?
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