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I find another little bug in 1.9.3 and I think also in 1.9.4RC1, the forum does'n delete the attached files from HardDisk because is missing the .yafupload extension in a String.Format.
Whent I upload a file the forum give the .yafupload extension, like 'MyImage.jpg.yafupload', saving into the uploaddir, but into the DB it store only the filename.

the code to delete an attachment actually is in the YAF.Classes.Data.DB class

static public void attachment_delete( object attachmentID )
System.IO.File.Delete(String.Format("{0}{1}.{2}", sUpDir, row["MessageID"], row["FileName"]));
the right code is:

System.IO.File.Delete(String.Format("{0}{1}.{2}.yafupload", sUpDir, row["MessageID"], row["FileName"]));

like the code when the file is saved on disk
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Thank you.

Committed to SVN Rev #3052

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