Hi All

I am new to YAF and forum in general. I have just published a forum on a new domain I have and all is ok. How do I admin it though? I cannot find anything anywhere? There are similar posts on this site but I do not know what the admin username/password is, how would I get is? I know the password that was set up in the forums creation but not what the user name that matches it is.

I pressume once I get in as the admin / God setting I can change the adverts/appearance etc etc and so am gagging to have a play with it but cant get in

SOme one please take pity as I can find no documentation and drinking is not the answer I know but it is going that way:(

Please help me :roll:

Is there a default username and password?
The Admin username and password is the one you create when you are setting up your forum.How do you now the password but not username?
The password I think is the one in the config file is it not? DOes that mean I can take the username out of the users table of the database?

If that does not work can I reset them some how?
All sorted thank you. Found the user name from the database and the password matched it

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