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I have integrated YAF in a site for test purposes using a master page and putting the YAF in a content.
Although everything works fine when i first visit the page when i click on a topin a get an 404 The Resource can not be found error.

In IE the url that it tries to reach is for example (this is during debug)


but ofcourse there is not any page named forum.aspx in /SimpleSite/Forum/
Instead Forum.aspx is the name of the page i used to put the YAF content and it is located in /SimpleSite/Forum.aspx

SimpleSite is the root of the site
Forum is a subdirectory where YAF files are installed.

Any help?
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Ok i think i got it....

In my App.config i had
<add key="YAF.BaseUrl" value="~/Forum/" />
<add key="YAF.Root" value="~/Forum/" />

did so because that was what was recomended in the

Changing the YAF.BaseUrl value to "~/" (which is the default) it worked well.

Any commends regarding the usage and differences of BaseUrl and Root configuration parameters in the YAF?

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... and right after one problem solved another appeares

When i try to login i enter the credentials and press the Forum Login button i was forwarded to the Access Denied page!!

Inoticed that IE tries to redirect me in the "forum.aspx?g .... "
instead of the correct "http://localhost:1904/SimpleSite/forum.aspx?g....."

The same error link occurs in the Submit button of the Lost Password link.

Additionaly when i try to search , i get the search page and then instantly i am redirected to the accessdenied page once more.

All the asp.button controls produce error redirection!

any suggestions?
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I dont get it...

When in Visual Studio's debugging mode redirections do not work well on buttons as described bove...
I decided to publish the web site and it all worked ok

app.config had the values below
<add key="YAF.BaseUrl" value="~/" />
<add key="YAF.BaseUrlOverrideDomain" value="false" />
<add key="YAF.Root" value="~/Forums/" />

My dev machine is XP Pro (IIS 5.1), my servers are Win2003 (IIS 6.0).

I can't say for certain that different IIS levels would cause the behavior that you are seeing, but it could be a working theory. There have been times where I have observed different behavior within VS's debugging sessions versus the "real" app on the server, and I do believe it was the differences in IIS that caused those different behaviors.

If you're in a similar situation and cannot install Win2003, maybe install Win2003 in a virtual machine and do your development with VS inside that environment for more consistency?
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More had to be done...

In order to properly work i hadto move the "images" folder to the base website
also the "editors" folder and the framehelper.aspx!!

Now the only think i see wrong (for the time) is that when a post is to be done the input textbox is sooooo small but this is maybe i did not let much of space to the content placeholder that holds yaf.

unfortunately neither "Quick Reply" is expanded!
nor "Optios" and "View" popups appear!

who knows....? any suggestions?
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The "Quick Reply" "Options" and "View" popup problem was corrected as soon as i copied the "resources" folder to the base web site!

i understand that all those problems appear beacause the translation to the correct path is no done correctly but i can't figure why
Hello saslanis,

My "Quick Reply" "Options" and "View" Buttons are not shown correctly or? And the button/text size seems to be smaller than standard? Is there maybe any other folder which I have not copied?

EDIT: Problems solved... I Just used the wrong stylesheet...:idea:

Thanks again!
Hi There,
Im having exactly the same problem.

It seems I cant find a combination of baseurl and root that gets the forum up and running.

Did you manage to get it working?

(I am using a master page too, which seems to be the problem)

Thanks in advance

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