We want to use YAF but wanted to make sure following things.

1 - On top it says in bold and much bigger font "YetAnotherForum.Net" - can we remove this heading? (logo)

2 - At the bottom there is a text which says "Powered by Yet Another version (NET v2.0) - 3/29/2008 Copyright © 2003-2008 Yet Another All rights reserved." along with how long it took to query forums DB. Can we remove this?

3 - Can we change the forum icons/images (the stars appearing right now) to something else?

What we must need to do before integrating it with our commercial site where forums (YAF) would be part of our site where users can discuss issues and such things.

Please reply,
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1. Yes; in fact many do.
2. Yes; although we still appreciate credit (do a forum search for remove footer).
3. Yes.

One thing you have to watch is if you are doing this for a client; the same rights as we pass on to you (source code; free distribution i.e. the gpl terms) must also be conveyed to them otherwise your in breach of the license.


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Thanks man! for the information.

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