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I am using version YAF I was wondering if anybody can tell me what page I need to edit to change the way post titles are created. As of now, it looiks like:

Title of post - Forum Category - Forum Name

Could it be changed to take out the forum category and nam and look like:

Title of post

Thanks for your help!

are you referring to the url rewriting?
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footinface wrote:

are you referring to the url rewriting?

I don't think URL rewriting has anything to do with post titles does it?  YAF creates the page title like this:

Lyoto foot sweep gif thread - MMA - Rakdam Forums

Look at the top of your browser or the tab and that is how the page title looks. That is how it would look if that page came up in a google search result as well. But I would like YAF to generate the page title to look like this:

Lyoto foot sweep gif thread

ANy ideas on how I change this?

Btw, Lyoto is definitely going to be a pound 4 pound best within a year or two...if not already!:twisted:
ahh, Now I understand.

I opened the source code for the first time yesterday. I am looking to make some small changes. I will keep an eye out for this issue and post here if I see something.

Any ya Lyoto is great. Hopefully they give him that title shot soon. Hes earned it.

In 1.9.3 RC2 in the YAF.Controls project, look in PageLinks.cs file.



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