I am new to this forum and have loads of doubts about YetanotherForum permissions.
I created a board with all the required settings.
I have two different roles called User and Administrators in my application configured using membership provider. I am using YAF-v1.9.3-BETA version.
I need more information on assigning permission throug groups and access masks.

Please provide me with sufficient information as to administer the forum with respect to permissions and access masks. Any sort of help is greatly appriciated.

Sravan Kasyap K 🙂
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Do you have any specific questions? You create an access mask that behaves a specific way with it's Read/Post/Vote settings. And you assign it to a User Group and Forum -- so that everyone in that user group has that access in that forum.
I have a web application say "app1" and i have integrated YAF intto "app1" as a folder.
I am using v1.9.8 beta version of YAF which also has provision to use Membership provider model.

Now i have configured both "app1" and yaf to use the same membership model.
All the members of "app1" are successfully able to use the YAF.

Now, when a new user is created in my "app1" i automatically make him part of a role called "user".
This role in my application means "read-only" access through out the application. Which also means that, he is allowed to use the forum in "read-only" mode.

To accomplish above scenario, i have linked this role to YAF in the YAF admin section. I have assigned "read-only" access mask to this role. Please have a look at attachements to this post.

so, now when a new user is created in my "app1", i am expecting that newly created users automatically have read-only permissions on the YAF also as this role is assigned "ready-only" access mask. Which is not happeneing. It says, "Access Denied".
Why is it so? Is it i am forgetting any configuration here?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sravan Kasyap K. 🙂
sravankasyapk attached the following image(s):

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