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hi guys

i ve been trying to install yaf 1.9.3 Beta(new install not upgrade) to a sub directory : 

here is what i did:

- all the config (.config) files and bin folder are in the root only (not in the sub directory)
- i ve created a virtual directory (forums) in IIS i am using(godaddy)
- after that i ran forums/install , entered my password then it took me to the page that creates the admin user/password - forum name - smtp - etc ..
- as soon as i hit submit , i get "internet explorer cannot display the webpage"
- i checked the database and it was crated , yaf tables are there.

what could possibly be the problem ?
-shall i place the bin and config files in the sub directory /forums ??
-shall i change the virtual directory settings to Set Application Root ??

my main website is just simple html pages , its not an application

i am also concerned about IIS7 pipeline mode , should it be classic or integrated ??

i did a search about this issue and i tried going through the solution but it didnt work
i ve been trying for a week

thnx in advanced
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I'm having the same issue with 193rc2

It seems like it should in the app.config file

<add key="BaseUrl" value="~/" />
<add key="BaseUrlOverrideDomain" value="false" />

but i've tried various combination and nothing works.

I'm trying to put yaf in a sub-directory called forum. It seems like this should be easy.


Did you follow the wiki instructions for integration?

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OK, so you need to add key/value to your app.config file

<add key="root" value="/yourdirectory/" />

if you intend on placing yaf in a sub-directory


Hopefully this will save somebody some time.

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