Now I have been using plain jane yaf for a while now and it has been good to me. When my guild switched to Warhammer Online it was time for a fresh new site.

I've been working on it for a couple weeks now (though it went live last week). The forum is run fron within a dotnetnuke portal. Thanks to skarr I was able to easily implement the warhammer tooltips.

The latest feature I added was a dotnetnuke module that allows people to link their characters to their website login. Once their character data is parsed they have the option from within the YAF avatar profile editor to setup one of their characters as an auto generated forum avatar. The new warhammer avatars display their class icon, character name levels and current xp/renown bars.

I am working on a windows service now to run on another machine that will update the data a couple times a day so that everything remains current without affecting load times for users.

My site is at . So far I'm very happy with it and trying to decide what to add next!
Glad to hear YAF is working out nicely for you :)

There are lots of designers/developers who have come up with unique idea for YAF all the time. Glad you were able to get some idea's! Don't forget to help out other folks trying to do what you have :P

Make sure you post a link in the "New Fourm's" section!


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Aah, a familiar face :)

welcome Aerathi
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