The subject and message fields are being pushed very skinny to the point where it's not very easy to use - about 13 characters wide.
It look fine to me in firefox 3.0.1 on YAF 1.9.3 RC1
MSIE 6 though, looks a bit narrow.
try adding this to theme.css, and let us know if it worked
#yafpage_im_email * table.content td {width:50%}

... But trust me on the sunscreen!

test2005 wrote:

There not bugs(in YAF)'s either un-defined features or exceptions to expected behavior!!

Hi Neven,

I'm seeing the same problem using IE7 and also with Firefox 3.0.1. The PM window is fine, but the Email window is not. I'm using the YAFPro theme.

In fact, I can even see the problem in this forum (YAF's own forum). To see the problem, click on the Email button (next to the PM button) at the bottom of any post that has one. The displayed email page has a narrow window with the message textbox only a few characters wide.

I tried inserting the suggested class into the CSS, but it made no difference.

Any chance of a quick fix?


Just noticed this post... http://forum.yetanotherf...stst6300_Email-Page.aspx  describing the same problem and stating that it's fixed. Is the fix available?

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I'm experiencing the same email window sizing issue stated above. If anyone knows the fix, I would appreciate passing it on... Thanks!

OK - I believe the fix is on the page im_email.ascx
I added a width="150px" to the td subject header like so:
<td class="postheader" width="150px">

If someone has a better fix, please post... Thanks again.

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