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Hi Guyz,

I have win 2003 server + plesk with mssql 2005 and my server have 512 mb ram but my cpu always using 100%.
When i search fixing problem on google i have found some articles.

Have a yaf functions have endless loop ?

same as that

"function pushFront(%list, %token, %delim)
if (%list !$= "")
return %token @ %delim @ %list;
return %token;

function pushBack(%list, %token, %delim)
if (%list !$= "")
return %list @ %delim @ %token;
return %token;

function popFront(%list, %delim)
return nextToken(%list, unused, %delim);
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What process is using 100% CPU? I have a server with 2003 and MSSQL 2005 running YAF and there are no issues with 100% CPU usage.

Is it possible your server is not configured properly?
I have had the same problem on 2 different machines (1&1, HostEurope). Sad but true, for both cases it was the plesk process that slows down the whole system (cpu & memory usage). After a deinstallation of plesk (don't think this is easy -.-) anything is fine now.

I Don't think this is a yaf problem 🙂
- Sry for my english ;)

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