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Actually i want to disable the login feature of the YAF.
This forum is going to run under other website and i want to use the login credentials given by the user while he logs in to the main site.
I dont want user to enter a new set of credentials for forum alone.
Basically i dont want to have two logins here.

My main website is using Active directory for logging users in.

I am an newbie to .NET, i am not able to make out what changes i need to do in the files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately i dont think there is an inbuilt option at the moment to actually disable the login feature.

However, because i have had to heavily integrate the forum system into an existing website i have found the following things seem to work.

1. Edit the language file you are using and replace <Resource tag="LOGIN">Log In</Resource> with <Resource tag="LOGIN"></Resource>. This will hide the login text, thus users wont have anything to click on.

2. Edit pages/ForumPage.cs and comment out the following lines.

if ( TransPage != "LOGIN" )
						header.AppendFormat( String.Format( " | <a href=\"{0}\">{1}</a>", Forum.GetLink( Pages.login, "ReturnUrl={0}", Server.UrlEncode( Utils.GetSafeRawUrl() ) ), GetText( "TOOLBAR", "LOGIN" ) ) );

Hope this information helps.

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