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Jaben -

Thank you very much for integrating the new SQL into the original 1.9.3 source and bin zips. It worked very well.

I had two minor issues when installing on SQL2000 - some error about bit data - but when I refreshed the screen from the install page, it seemed to work anyway (moral of the story: don't give up - just hit continue until it succeeds!). You may want to try a clean install using sql2000/win2k and see if you encounter the (very minor) bugs as well since they appeared sql related.

You know, I've seen some posts about people complaining, but this is really one of the smoother installs I've experienced - kudos to you and the team! For anyone experienced in .NET, it really is an elegant architecture - UI tweaks are really simple, and I actually got the code to compile on the second try - I failed to realize I needed to rename the "recommended-web.config" to "web.config" - but who ever reads the installation notes, right? 🙂.

One item I'd point out for people trying to do URL rewrites - the posts on this YAF forum point to a yafnet.config file to turn on enableurlrewrite. This has been moved to app.config in 1.9.3.

Jaben, a question for you: is it possible to remove the "yaf_" prefix from within the urlrewriter.config file to simply have URLs like "topics32_Welcome_to_my_forum.aspx" instead of "yaf_topics32_Welcome_to_my_forum.aspx" - is it simply adjusting the regex in the urlrewriter.config from "yaf_topics" to "topics"? I gave it a try and got forum errors. Perhaps it is embedded in the code somewhere and would require a recompile?

Thank you so much for this wonderful product!!!!!

A huge fan,


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Hey SeanCon,

Shouldn't be a big deal to make the URL rewriter modifications -- but it does require a recompile. Take a look at the YAF.Classes.Utils/UrlBuilder/UrlBuilderRewrite.cs file. Line 68 should be the place.

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