I tried to add 40K users and with lots of categories and subcategories and
the result is sql timeout.

I debug and found out that calling the sp. yaf_forum_moderators, specfically
the view named [yaf_vaccessfull] is causing the very long access time.

Digging deeper this 2nd union on the yaf_vaccessfull, aggravates everything
ReadAccess = convert(int,d.Flags & 1),
PostAccess = convert(int,d.Flags & 2),
ReplyAccess = convert(int,d.Flags & 4),
PriorityAccess = convert(int,d.Flags & 😎,
PollAccess = convert(int,d.Flags & 16),
VoteAccess = convert(int,d.Flags & 32),
ModeratorAccess = convert(int,d.Flags & 64),
EditAccess = convert(int,d.Flags & 128),
DeleteAccess = convert(int,d.Flags & 256),
UploadAccess = convert(int,d.Flags & 512),
DownloadAccess = convert(int,d.Flags & 1024),
AdminGroup = convert(int,e.Flags & 1)
[dbo].[yaf_UserGroup] b
INNER JOIN [dbo].[yaf_ForumAccess] c on c.GroupID=b.GroupID
INNER JOIN [dbo].[yaf_AccessMask] d on d.AccessMaskID=c.AccessMaskID
INNER JOIN [dbo].[yaf_Group] e on e.GroupID=b.GroupID

this will return more than 3Million rows on a 40k user.

I think we may need to optimize this yaf_vaccessfull

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It's optimized in future versions.
I also used the future version which is the 1.9.3 and it is still the same yaf_vaccessfull.
I also found that the yaf_forum_listread which uses the function lasttopic,lastposted also suffers with sql timeout
because it process every row that the yaf_vaccess returns.

What i have done for now is to modify the yaf_forum_moderators and create a new view (yav_vaccessfull_mods)
to only return list of moderators (64 flags) only.
On the yaf_forum_listread I just replace the function with the b.lasttopicid (for the meantime, i dont know the consequence of this yet).

Now its much faster ano no sql timeout.

Later I will try look into mail_list and moderate.
Hi All,

Is there any sort of database migration script for going from to

If not, I'd be happy to write one this evening and share it. I just didn't want to re-invent the wheel.

When I installed .8, I was prompted with the install screen. It notes that if you're upgrading it will perform differently than if you were just installing. I believe that it runs the new scripts to install the changes into the database from .6 to .8.
agibby5 wrote:

When I installed .8, I was prompted with the install screen. It notes that if you're upgrading it will perform differently than if you were just installing. I believe that it runs the new scripts to install the changes into the database from .6 to .8.


Mek wrote:

yup, the order to be run is on the forums somewhere or just try running /install/default.aspx?forceupgrade=1

from: this post 
ok im a super noob when it comes to this stuff but i have a site called vscrubs.com and have it hosed with godaddy. Im trying to update from .7 to .8 but i have NO IDEA what im doing..... please help!

I'm a real newbie here but here goes:

I'm running that was automatically from the GoDaddy site.

Which of the new versions do I need to load to be updated?

Do I have to copy the entire zip file and unzip it on the host or unzip it on my hard drive and upload individual files?

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Unzip on your local computer and then FTP to your GoDaddy account.

Upload and overwrite all the files EXCEPT for your yafnet.config and web.config files.
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I've upgraded from to, and i cannot see anymore the images attached to posts. Need help!
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I've solved the problem. Because I copyied the forum from "forum" directory to "forum1" directory, some security permissions were lost. I've granted full access permissions to NETWORK SERVICES for upload directory and the images are OK now.

Glad you got it working, and thanks for posting the solution to your particular problem. It will help others!


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Hi there,

Now i am using that Yet Another Forum.net version
So can i remove your footer copyright text.
If we can remove it, could you tell me how to remove.
I get the following error when attempting to upgrade my version from .7 to .8
seems like the database version isnt updating for me.

im running windows sever 2003 with vs 2008 and sql 2005.

Did you have the Full-Text search option available on the version you are updating from?

I remember getting a notice about Full-text searching not being available on my DB when I installed .8 fresh.

Does the forum upgrade work anyway? If so, it could be that the required components of SQL server for Full-text searching are not available and the message you have received is 'harmless'.

Now for my own problem, I've got a few installs of .8 and I've tried to disable the display of the page generation time, however the times are still showing at the bottom. Other than change the option in admin, is there anything else I need to do? (had a quick look over this thread but didn't see this mentioned)

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