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Mek wrote:

rjdafoe wrote:

I think there may be a bug on this version that you are using here. From Active Topics, I go to this thread, but when I hit the link to page 1, it stays on page 2. It works correctly from outside of Active Topics.


"find=unread" needs to be removed from the parameters list in the pager. I'll do it.
1.9.3 Rulez! 😃
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rochas wrote:

1.9.3 Rulez! :D

Thanks. I can't wait to release it so I only have to work on ONE version of YAF. :shock:
I can't wait 1.9.3 to 🙂 .. I'm really appreciate what are you did. so, thank you all for, this high technology community forum. when we get online our community and when our sponsors support us, we woud like to support/donate your project to.
( I need to work up on my english, really sux 😃 sorry about that.. )
any plan for or it is already closed for 1.9.3?
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Yeah, I just don't see much of a point. v1.9.3 is pretty much here. I don't need to bother with another version of v1.9.1.x...
Agree with you.looking forward to see 1.9.3
Hi Jaben

I have down it and found that is a great project. Thank you for your effort.
But I have a question when I search message, if I search message in English, which is
no problem, but when I typed Chinese in message content, then search in Chinese char,
it didn't work. Would somebody tell me why?

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Hello Dickytam. It's a bug in v1.9.1.x. I've fixed it in the latest version.
Jaben wrote:

YAF v1.9.1.7 FINAL (Dated 11/20/2007)

Yet Another Release! Sorry!

Change Log from v1.9.1.6:

  • Adapted proper SQL connection handling from v1.9.3. The speed increases are noticable.
  • Minor SQL changes for speed. Not enough to warrant a DB upgrade.
  • Added caching to the forum.ascx page. Short timeouts -- but should save a few requests.
  • Fixed issue with the BBCode editor and smileys being inserted at the end.

    Change Log from v1.9.1.5:

  • Fixed random failure with URL Rewriting null references.
  • Fixed HTML injection security problem.
  • Just to make this release more interesting: Added feature from v1.9.3: Watch topic and attach files from "New Topic" post.

    Change Log from v1.9.1.2:

  • Fixed issue with case-sensitive DB.
  • Fixed issue when deleting a board.
  • Fixed bug associated with CanQuotePostCheck in PostMessage (null reference)
  • Modified installation text to say modify "yafnet.config" instead of "web.config" for connection string.
  • URLRewriter now longer points to /yaf_forum.aspx. It will point to "/" instead. Better for SEO.
  • Modified the Active Discussion code so that it's compatible with .NET v3.5. (Switched to using PlaceHolders.)
  • Modified the look & feel of Active Discussions.
  • Fixed issue with FlatEarth theme javascript errors.
  • Updated french.xml language.
  • Updated turkish.xml lanuage.
  • Url Rewriting is DISABLED by default on this release. Given some of the hassle and the fact that quite a few people don't care about SEO. For advanced users, just enable it (instructions in install.txt).

    Change Log from v1.9.1.1:

  • Fixed issue with login redirect not working correctly.
  • Fixed bug with "lastposts"
  • Fixed issue with URLBuilderRewrite on moderated pages.
  • Added indexes to the DB for speed.
  • Added "YafHead" feature so that style sheets can be written directly to the page head.
  • Fixed a DB issue when deleting a user that was still in the yaf_Active table.

    Change Log from v1.9.1.0:

  • Fixed security exploits involving usernames throughout the forum.
  • Added Unicode support for e-mails in other languages.
  • Removed the default <machineKey> from the default.config files.
  • Updated UrlRewriter.config to fix and issue with info section.

    If you are upgrading from v1.9.x.x -- the database has changed! You will need to upgrade your database using the following after installing by visiting this YAF URL: /install/default.aspx


    After installation and setup it's suggested that you remove or rename your /install/ directory for security reasons. (This issue is fixed in future versions.)

    REQUIRED FOR UPGRADE FROM v1.9.0: Merge changes from the new default.config with your web.config and be sure to copy URLRewriter.config and yafnet.config to your root directory.

    This release does not implement .NET v2.0 membership & roles. v1.9.3 BETA is just around the corner! So you might want to wait to upgrade if you really want membership & roles.

    BIN: Includes the compiled forum and forum page files without the source.
    SRC: Includes the compiled forum and forum page files with full source.
    DNN: Includes the compiled forum and forum page files with DNN v4.x support module and definition.

    YAF-v1.9.1.7-FINAL-SRC.zip  (1622kb)
    YAF-v1.9.1.7-FINAL-BIN.zip  (1194kb)
    YAF-v1.9.1-DNNv4.5-MODULE.zip  (1121kb
  • guest

    When will be the version which contains Membership providers released? Can u tell me please

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    how to istall yaf to web server and upgrad this?
    i could not found help for install YAF.

    I go offline for a couple months and you do not 1 but 4 YAF releases!!! Outstanding!!!

    Can't wait to play! :D

    Thanks Jaben. Your fellow programers know how much it takes for a version release. Your working thy buns off!!

    Happy Holidays! (politically correct version!)

    test2005 - now in Italy!!!!
    .....the man in black fled across the desert..........and the gunslinger followed.....
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    Hi, I notice that this forum is version
    Can I download it from somewhere? 🙂

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