Nick Atnite
After searching around, I'm pretty sure the answer is "no" but I figured I'd check here just to be sure.

I read this article  and am aware of this option but the steps are the reverse of what I'm trying to do.

I'd like to be able to invite a user (using an email address) so the user can still complete all of their registration info on their own. But I don't want to have to approve them after they register (the invite should be treated as the approval).

Currently, if I disable registrations and add a user, I have to set the user's password and security question. This could work for what I need if there was a way to force the user to change their password and security question on first login but that doesn't seem possible.

Is there any way to accomplish something like this in the current version of YAF.NET? I want to make sure before I start looking into what it would take to add something like this.

Thanks in advance,
No there is no such feature.

The only way similar as you describe would be to add the user manually. But in that case you would need to send the user an invite email with the password and security question/answer.

I guess the better solution is to implement such feature.

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