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My Yaf installation on a page of parent portal went through without a single problem. However for some reasons it only picked up 3 out of more than 10 security roles even though most of them already have users.

So I decide to install everything again. But this time I choose to install on a child portal dedicating to forum only for better user and permission management ( I think)

1. Unistalled both modules on Host/Extension page with little complaints that some of tables are not removed. So I removed them manually. No problem.
2. Install the extension again. No problem
3. Add to child portal's page. No problem
4. However, Yaf shows me 404 page after clicking Next at the Initialize Database step of Installation Wizard. At the browser's URL it shows . This didnt happen when I installed on my parent portal. The database, however, shows all tables with prefix yaf_ are already created. if I go back to the page where I add this module, the Installation Wizard just starts from the beginning again.

Can someone guide me how to fix this problem please?

Thank you

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Update: I now receive that 404 even when installing this forum module on the parent page. So basically the only first installation was ok!

There could be something left somewhere that the YAF DNN uninstall didnt not completely remove.

I have no clue where to look for solutions. Someone please help
I had DNN with YAF and stripped YAF out and slapped ASP.NET shell around it. I started out with this. 
What dnn version are you using, and what url provider is used? I guess when you manually visit the install wizard url ( the url works?

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