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The new syntax highlighter doesn't seem to work at all for me with 2.2.0
I was trying to add a new language (LSL) only to find out that the syntax highlighter doesn't work for csharp either,
example here: http://forumvirtuellewel...osts&m=2103#post2103 
Please note that this is using my modified syntax files (modified "jquery.ForumExtensions.min.js" and "syntaxhighlight.js") with attempted LSL-support added (nothing else removed or changed from the JS-files), but so far I don't get any javascript-errors so it seems I did everything right!

There is no highlighting at all in IE, FF, Opera or Chrome.

I'm using the default editor. Does this maybe only work for other editors?

This works here on, but on my forum it does nothing:

using System.IO;

FileStream fileStream = new FileStream(@"c:\file.txt", FileMode.Open);
  // read from file or write to file
This is not a java script issue, this is caused by the Medium Trust issue. I attached the updated Release Dlls here


This should resolve the issue with the Syntax Highlighter and all other BBCodes.
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Wow awesome! It's working now! Thank you so much!
I really didn't expect this : ) You are my hero! hehe

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