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Hi All,

I am creating a site based around the yaf sample web application, and I need to include an editor for users to submit feedback on a single page.

Rather than grab the CKEditor.NET assembly and use it as outlined here  I was swondering if it would be easy to create an instance of the standard yafEditor on my page using some javascript functions?

If I included the following in my aspx page how easy if at all possible is it to hook up the yafEditor to it?


<div class="EditorDiv" ID="EditorDiv">
<textarea id="YafTextEditor" cols="100" rows="15" class="YafTextEditor"></textarea>

I'm guessing I'd have to use something like <%=YafTextEditor.ClientId%> in the javascript as the control id will obviously be different when the page is rendered.

Any help or advice is appreciated


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actually I tried the exact same thing but failed(was getting a bunch of javascript errors). Look at the implementation of forum/controls/postmessage.ascx you will see that you need to use the class forumeditor


// get the forum editor based on the settings
string editorId = this.Get<YafBoardSettings>().ForumEditor;

if (this.Get<YafBoardSettings>().AllowUsersTextEditor)
// Text editor
editorId = !string.IsNullOrEmpty(this.PageContext.TextEditor)
? this.PageContext.TextEditor
: this.Get<YafBoardSettings>().ForumEditor;

// Check if Editor exists, if not fallback to default editorid=1
this._forumEditor = this.Get<IModuleManager<ForumEditor>>().GetBy(editorId, false)
?? this.Get<IModuleManager<ForumEditor>>().GetBy("1");

// Override Editor when mobile device with default Yaf BBCode Editor
if (this.PageContext.IsMobileDevice)
this._forumEditor = this.Get<IModuleManager<ForumEditor>>().GetBy("1");


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Did you find a solution or someone else?
Would like to do the same
Originally Posted by: robert82 

Did you find a solution or someone else?
Would like to do the same

No that is not possible. The editor can onyl work inside yaf.

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