We have YAF message boards running on our websites but we have admins who would like the ability to create new areas for topics and we are getting the error:

Host Admin permissions reqired!
To access the area your board's Host Admin should set some extra permissions for you.

If there are additional roles that I'm not seeing that would work as well. I've got the user listed as Admin.

Thank you in advance.
YAF 2.0 has new limitations for admins.

Under Host -> Host Administation -> Admin Page Access. You need to specify for each Admin. which Admin Pages the Admin should have access to. By Default all pages are set to no access.
Thank you but I don't seem to have that option in the 'my profie' area.
hey watcha - im having the same problem except im the only admin and it happened to me. not sure how i did it, i must have removed the items from the database manually. i tried adding them back manually as well but im having no luck. i am an administrator role and i have admin access to the forums but i have no ability to view anything in the admin section. i tried adding to the AdminPageUserAccess table entries with my UserID (87) and each of the values located in the code for protected sections as the corresponding page name - admin_boards, admin_eventloggroupaccess, admin_eventloggroups, admin_hostsettings, admin_pageaccessedit, and admin_pageaccesslist but its still throwing the "To access the area your board's Host Admin should set some extra permissions for you." message at me. are these not the correct values to add to the database? or is there something else im missing?

EDIT: Resolved - Rank was set to the wrong value in the database. was 3, should have been 1. that resolved my issue.

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