I've added a topic status called, Blog. When a thread is started as Blog, I would like to grab it and display it on the first page.

I have the query all set, but the Blog.aspx page I've created doesn't understand the BBCode behaviors. What would you suggest the best way to get the post message to display outside of YAF (outside of YAF, but still within my ASP.NET app of course which has the DLL's) and maintain it's format?
I think I found the class that does this, but I can't use the MakeHtml method. I tried creating a new YafBBCode object, but without passing the proper values through the constructor, it's useless. And I can't seem to trace back what the constructor wants.

I'm thinking that what I believe was going to be rather simplistic is not as such, lol.

YAF.Core.BBCode.YafBBCode.cs is the class I think I need.

Maybe it'd be best to create my own BBCode to HTML class?
This is all the progress I have so far.  I have the fields where I'd like them and the links working, but I can't figure out how to get the BBCode translated into HTML.
Dont use yafbbcode use format message instead...

sample ...

var message = YafContext.Current.Get<IFormatMessage>().FormatMessage("[B]test[/B]", new MessageFlags(MessageFlags.Flags.IsBBCode));

the result would be...


Bah, it was so easy! Thank you!

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