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I am trying to integrate YAF with Blog Engine.

Created a folder "Forums" inside BlogEngine project

Added YAF files in "Forums" fiolder

Merged the webconfig...added YAF stuff in BlogEngine web.config.

But still when I visit the http://localhost:1010/BlogEngine/Forums/Default.aspx I get blog engine page not the forums. and I also think somewhere there is a problem with the integration.

Here is my webconfig file: 

I followed these two 
I have put together a step by step guide to integrate YAF with BlogEngine.

You can find it here:
(Guide) Integrate YAF Yet Another Forum with BlogEngineDotNet 

The above article talsk about how to merge the web.config too for BE 2.6 with YAF 1.9.6.
Let me know if you face any issue with the above integration. I have a successful integration running live on the same site.

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