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Build: YAF196RC

I have built my own theme, and I have changed the images in the xml file in the themes folder as follows:

<Resource tag="FORUM">~/topic.gif</Resource>
<Resource tag="FORUM_NEW">~/topic_new.gif</Resource>
<Resource tag="FORUM_LOCKED">~/topic_lock.gif</Resource>

But the FORUM icons still point to topic.png, topic_new.png, don't have a locked forum so don't know if that one still points to something else. All other images I have changed works, why not these??? 😞
I have checked everything and searched the files for the resources and file names, but no luck so far - what am I missing - it is probably something any of you can see quickly!

Thanks for a great forum once again!
When you change the theme XML file you need to restart the application to reset the cache. Then the changes are visible.
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Many thanks!!! :-d

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