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Hi, I just installed YAF.


I created a Category and topics ... but all the topics say (No Access) and I can't enter to make new posts. This is probably something very basic to fix but I've searched all over the settings, etc. and don't know how to change this.

Help is appreciated ...

Have you Checked the Users and Roles ? ..Access Masks and Roles..
and after that Admin >> Setting >> Forums
then check which all roles have access ...
It might be this issue
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Dr Hack, thanks ... so far, it's been pretty frustrating to get this forum up and running smoothly ...

I found my problem, in case others run into this issue:

When you create a new forum, Access Level is the last item at the bottom on a long list of options. I'm new to forum setup, but on the surface I can't imagine why you would have a No Access item as the default selection ...

Anywho, so make sure that is not selected when you create a new forum ...

Also, if you want to edit Access Levels, go to : Users and Roles >>> Access Masks ...

out of frustration, I simply deleted No Access ...

now, if I can my asp membership integrated, I'd be somewhat ok to continue ... but this part is turning out to be arduous ... the documentation on this site is super slim ... *sigh*
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